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Few places on Earth are as beautiful and as romantic a place as Hawai'i to get married or to honeymoon.

We've all dreamed it at one time or another, walking hand-in-hand on soft, white sand as the sun sinks below the shimmering water in smooth hues of brilliant red, firey orange and enchanting lavender. We've dreamed of the warm Pacific water lapping at our feet, enjoying a quiet moment alone with the one we love; seeing the same love in their eyes that you feel in your own heart. With the soft tropical wind blowing through the palms and across your face, you know... this is it.

This is real.

There is no other place where you can take your love hand-in-hand and be surrounded by all the aloha, all the natural beauty, and all the serenity than Hawai'i. Some of you may have made up your mind a lifetime ago to be married in Hawai'i or to Honeymoon in Hawai'i. Some of you may still be considering it. Some of you may have already gone and returned home. This community is for all of you.

Share your excitement -- we'll understand.

Tell us your stories -- we'll listen.

Ask your questions -- we'll try to do our best to help.

If you are considering (or have already gone ahead with) getting married in Hawai'i or spending your Honeymoon in Hawai'i, we welcome you into this community with all of our love and aloha.

E Hookumu Maua Ka Hale Puni Maua Ohana Me Ka Pumehana A Me Ka Oiloli Kealoha.

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Anything else you'd like to share:

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