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Hello, looking for animals on Kauai

Name and/ or LJ userID: Melanie/MellyJC
Wedding Date: 3/24/07
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 24
City/State/Country you live in: San Jose, CA, USA
(Getting Married) or (Having Honeymoon) in Hawai'i: Honeymoon!
Where in Hawai'i is your (event) taking place: Kauai
When is your (event) taking place: 3/25/07-3/31/07
What are you looking forward to in Hawai'i: The beauty, novelty, excitement, and relaxation!
Have you been to Hawai'i before: Nope!

Please help!

Since I began researching honeymoon locations, one idea I have completely fallen in love with is the dolphin swim experience. I am a huge animal lover and I would just LOVE to be able to touch a dolphin. Unfortunately, I'm only finding websites for such things for Oahu. We will be spending pretty much our entire vacation on Kauai, as we were told island hopping is expensive and time consuming, and we don't have a lot of money OR time to spare.

Does anyone know if Kauai has any Dolphin Swim opportunities? PLEASE?

And what about zoos? I definitely want to see some animals, but so far I've found zoos in Honolulu and Hilo. I don't think it would be very enjoyable to try and get to the zoo while we're on layover, so I really want to find these things on Kauai, if they exist.

I'm mostly looking for animal-oriented ideas at the moment, but if you have other suggestions for Kauai activities, please share! Hanggliding? Parasailing?

So far we're looking at hiking, zipline tours, inner tube, trying out snorkeling...

Thank you!
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