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wedding in Hawaiian islands

Has anyone here done business with Bridal Dream Hawaii? I'm thinking of the deluxe Oahu package which includes pictures on 7 beaches.

I could really use any opinions, advice, feedback you can provide whether it is about this vendor or a Hawaii wedding in general.

Thanks in advance.
Oh, we're looking at probably Sept 2007 for the wedding.

Probably crossposting this a bit. I hope that's not a problem.
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If you are set on Oahu this may not help you but here goes anyway. I am getting married in Maui this May. We are staying at the Hyatt but they wanted a ridiculous amount of money so we said forget it and they suggested Marry Me Maui . Turns out they couldn't do the wedding the day we wanted to they suggested A Deream Wedding. They were one of the first on the island to open up this kind of business. I have been on the phone with them a few times and they have been great. We won't know for sure until May of course :)

Good luck!
We're not set on Oahu, it's just the best package I've seen so far. We were originally thinking of Maui. I'd be interested in any info you'd care to share about your plans, prices, packages, whatever. And of course I hope you'll share a report of how everything turns out. I'm sure it will be spectacular for you.

Thanks for the info.
We are doing the Maui Package I believe its called. It's just the 2 of us going so we want something romantic and small. The price I think is 1100 and then we will pay the extra 400 for the Kanaapali shores location because it looks nicer. It's only 2 months away so I will be sure to update this community when I get back.

Are you having a big wedding? What are you and the groom wearing? I got a simple wedding dress but I have no idea what my fiance is wearing. It might be too hot for a tux and a pain in the ass but I don't want it to look cheesy either lol
We'll be having a small wedding. My best friend, his best friend, my sister, his parents, possibly a couple other friends or family. Most likely less than 10 people. No idea what I'll be wearing yet, but nothing too fancy. I'd love to see a picture of your dress.

Here's the dress. Nice and simple but pretty.

It would be nice if we could have family and're lucky living in CA, we are from New Jersey so it's quite a bit further.
Being farther would make it even harder. So, what made you decide on Hawaii? For us, he underwent a real life change after visiting Maui almost a year and a half ago and so when I brought up the idea of a destination wedding he immediately thought of Hawaii. For me I thought of a destination wedding because I want a small wedding where we can do it as a package rather than having the plan each little detail independantly and I like the idea of blending the honeymoon into the package. We'll likely end up paying for airfare for our best man and matron of honor because we each really want our best friend (other than each other) there with us.

BTW, your dress is very pretty.
We weren't sure where to go- we had other destinations in mind but when we told the travel agent the type of trip we were looking for she said Hawaii is it. Everyone I have talked to absolutely loves it. We wanted destination because I am not into the big wedding reception and all that. I see people go nuts planning that stuff. And I agree it will be nice to be married and already on your honeymoon!
I live here on Oahu. Got married on Oahu last year. My last post in this group had some photos...

Personally, I think Maui is more beautiful than Oahu. If your fiance's live change occurred on Maui, perhaps it would be better to have it there? I just think that as a whole, Maui is what most visitors envision when they think of Hawaii. Oahu is a bit "metropolitanized" in a lot of areas...

Good luck on your planning and best wishes on your upcoming marriage.
Thanks for the impression of the difference beween Maui and Oahu. I've never been to either place. There are some things related to the change that took place on Maui that make him question if the wedding should be there or not. We definately want to spend at least part of the honeymoon there though.

I'm still totally open and looking for options in Hawaii (any of the islands).
i'm getting married on oahu in august. i don't know what you're trying to spend but i definitely recommend sandra at finishing touch ( she's so helpful! tell her cristina (bridezilla of all bridezillas) sent you!we're having it at kualoa ranch ( if you're planning to have it at an estate or somewhere, that place is awesome! if you want any vendor suggestions, i would definitely recommend the vendors i'm working with. feel free to e-mail me (cristinaborbon[at] also the girls on the hawaii knot board are really helpful...