Cass (daiseefut) wrote in hawaii_weddings,

Ceremony Site Search

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced ceremony sites in the Waikiki/Kaka'ako area? Our reception's going to be at the Ala Moana hotel so I'd like the ceremony site to be somewhat nearby.

Thanks in advance!
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My sister got married about 8 years ago, and her ceremony was at the John Dominis Chapel by the Sea. I'm not sure what the cost was, altho I assume it was reasonable since they were working on a budget back then.

It was a beautiful chapel. The back of the altar is all glass windows so you and your guests are looking at Diamond Head while the ceremony is going on.

Anyway, thought I'd suggest it --- never hurts to inquire.

My ceremony & reception were both at the Hale Koa last year, and I was fortunate that they had a really beautiful garden area.

Best of luck to you in your planning. There's a bridal expo this weekend that I assume you are already planning to go to. It's a great resource and quite honestly you can get really good deals there.
forgot to add... the expo at the Blaisdell is WAY better than the one that is held at the Convention Center.

John Dominis is one of the options that I'm looking at, except the John Dominis website doesn't list any info about weddings and I can't find anything about the Chapel by the Sea online either. Am waiting for a cousin to get back to me about a contact person there since her friend got married there.

One of my really good friends got married at the Hale Koa last November and it was beautiful!

And yes, hehe, I'm dragging the FH to bridal expot this weekend. It sounds a LOT better than the one at the Convention center that I went to last year.
I remember that I didn't have a lot of high hopes when I attended the Blaisdell Expo back in Fall 2004 (they do 2 a year, I think). But to my surprise I found:

1) the source for my wedding gown (The Bridal Emporium) + discount coupons for my gown and bridesmaids gowns (I only ended up getting a gown from them, at 20% off). The owner is a very nice lady (her name is Leslie) and she responds to emails FAST. I also bought my shoes and the bridesmaids' shoes from them. Alterations are free, and they also have the cleaning/preservation service.

2) my photographer/videographer (Recuerdo Photography). Originally from Japan, they are GREAT. And their expo discounts are excellent. 2 photographers and 1 videographer spent the day with us, and we also got the negatives and all the video raw footage back from them. They did our makeup too.

3) My DJ (La Image). They have a huge list of songs, and allow you to specify exactly what you want played.

4) Florals. If you can believe it, all my florals (bouquets, corsages, boutoneirres, hair flowers) were deco clay.

I forget what else. Anyway, I won't say my vendors were the best, but they were the best for me. In general, I noticed that all the vendors at that expo had good services to offer and good expo discounts. You'll feel like a kid in a candy store...
Thanks for all the tips!!! I hope I'm as lucky as you and find great deals tonight.
I'm in NJ and have never been to Hawaii, however, I'm getting married in 2007 and it will most likely be at Turtle Bay. Their ceremony site looks very pretty. I also picked up a lot of good links re: Hawaii weddings on